19 September, 2020

Chinnalpati silk cotton Saree

 Launching this handwoven and effortless Chinnalpatti saree. These are easy to manage and very easy to drape. Managing these sarees is a piece of cake.

 These are handwoven sarees. Ikat sarees are well known and people know their origin as hailing from Odisha or Andhra. Very few people know about the origin of ikat from Tamil Nadu from a small Chinnalpatti near Dindigul. Here the weavers have honed the skills of weaving single ikat Kora sarees where the warp is silk and weft is mercerized cotton. They produce lightweight sarees that have ikat patterns both in the body and the pallu. Weavers use complex tie and dye techniques to create these beauties. Today Chinnalpatti has 4000 weavers whose source of livelihood comes from weaving these sarees. You can see other colours available here and here.

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Price  - 5200/-

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