02 September, 2020

Florescent Green Kota Saree

 Today it is really different to do shopping at big brands from factories with unregulated labor policies or buying homegrown, handmade from the weaver, and supporting our own culture. It is pure magic to wear rich silk or crisp cotton painstakingly handwoven by one weaver cluster or the other across my motherland India.

 It is a sheer joy, to pick colors, plan blouses with interest, and treasure your handlooms. The finer the weave, the better. I feel blessed to be born in a country where I am able to enjoy a vast variety of weaves.

Our silk is rightly known as the Golden fiber, the pride of women, woven to retain its luster and last longer than kings and emperors.

Support the culture, the tradition, and the real talent of India by buying these affordable sarees.

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