12 September, 2020

Odisha Silk Bomkai Saree

Many of our customers were demanding a good Bomkai and we wanted to bring you the most exquisite Bomkai- never seen before or after. A limited-edition in true sense. A piece of art. Have a look at the beautiful and intricate work. This is a very elegant piece. 
 The first border is of rudraksha. The colour is darker than Fushia and lighter than burgundy interspersed with a coffee-coloured border and pallu. The saree has squares all over. The temple border does not start from the bottom but from the middle square. The pallu is also very majestic and grand. It has auspicious squares and pyramids and circles. The saree is made with pure mulberry silk. It would not be wrong to say that this saree spells being auspicious, majestic and grand.

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