01 September, 2020

Silk Dhakai Jamdani

 Silk Dhakai Jamdani is the answer to all our fashion problems, when in trouble of what to wear go with this, and flaunt it like a pro. You'll never regret the decision of buying this.

 Jamdani Fabric. Jamdani, a word of Persian origin, is a combination of the words 'Jam' and 'Dani' meaning flower and vase respectively. This weave done by loom on brocade is a time-consuming process and is a blend of figures and floral motifs.

 Dhakai sarees have their origins in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and were popularized during the Mughal rule in India. Very delicate to touch and exotic to behold, the fabric of these sarees is considered to be the ultimate in luxury.

In short, we can say that it's the two traditions at a very low price.We have more silk dhakai jamdani sarees that you can see here.

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Price - 24,800/-

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