24 September, 2020

Sungudi Sarees with blouse

Presenting these handloom Sungudi cotton sarees. Sungudi is a traditional art and craft of Tamilnadu. It takes, days for workers to complete this. This is the Sungudi art done on a cotton saree. Available in adorable colours and designs. These artists can make sungudi according to your preference in natural dyes. These sarees come with blouse pieces.

India is a house of handmade treasures. Indian handloom industry demonstrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture. Along with the talent of weavers India’s weaving fraternity is of over four million weavers including its allied production workers. This is the only source of income for some people

At this time when the whole country is getting attracted to international brands, our very talented artists are losing their job. At this crucial time what we need to do is preserve our country's treasure by supporting its local talent. By supporting these artists you are not just supporting the artist, but also increasing the possibilities of passing this tradition to generations.

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                                                                                Price - 1900/-

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