01 October, 2020

Kanchi Cotton Saree with Navagunjara Motif

 Keeping your comfort in mind we are presenting the drape of which, the comfort level is uncomparable- Kanchi cotton. This is available in captivating light pink colour. Handwoven and adorned by the stripes on pallu. But the real show-stealer of this piece is the Navagunjara motif on its pallu.

Navagunjara is a motif which represents nine different animals in just one motif. According to the Odisha version of Mahabharat it is considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu which he takes for Arjuna. It is not only historical but mesmerizing at the same time. This motif is literally one of its types. It does not just attract people but makes them yearn for it. Indulge yourself with this historical and mesmerizing presentation of Sohum Sutras.

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