02 October, 2020

Madras Check Yardage

 Handloom is the tradition of India and Madras was a pool of long cloth and morrees for Britishers. Which eventually meant that Madras was famous for the fabrics.  Well, this is a topic of history.

But when we talk about today's fashion, Madras checks is nothing less than any pattern. Madras checks are actually India's first marks of colonisation. It was a pattern of Tamil Nadu fishermen's lungis before it travelled to Nigeria and the USA to become a cultural fashion.  

This is a fabric from our history and our forefathers and literally a matter of proud for us. The use of madras check fabric is not limited to lungies only but people use it as scarfs, dresses, blouses, shirts etc.

Keeping this in mind we are launching this yardage now you can turn it into whatever you want. Colourful madras handloom check- 108 colours. Rs. 299/- per metre.

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