01 October, 2020

Silk Pochampally Saree

A revival saree. This design is 50-60-year-old ikat design that has been painstakingly revived by the weavers. Observe the intricacy of ikat in border and pallu.

There are no days left for her arrival. Maa Asche! yes, she is coming. And this is the time when we have to do all preparation for our upcoming guest. Time to redecorate our house, halls for pandals, and even ourselves. 

This is so obvious that when the guest comes to our house we wear good clothes to look presentable. To add another jewel for your collection of lal paar sarees, we are presenting this white and red silk pochampally saree. We specially created this for pujo in this white stands for purity while red symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

The simple white base with small motifs is furnished with striking red colour border and pallu. 

This is just ideal and essential for pujo.

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