11 October, 2020

Tanchoi Banarsi Saree

 Banarsi is one of the finest silk saree of India and also world-famous for their regalness and aura. The demand is not only limited to India but is global. These sarees come in a variety of motifs, designs and also colours, and here we are presenting another variant of  Banarsi sarees called Tanchoi. "Tan" in hindi means body and "chui" means touch. Tanchoi is known for its silky and feather touch on the skin. Hence its name.

It is another type of Banarasi saree which is very popular for wedding and pattern weaved on them. This saree has jamawar pattern on the body has a delicate border and adorable pallu has big motifs on it. A saree which make a style statement of its own. 

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Price - 19,000

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