02 December, 2020

Kashmiri Hand-embroidered Shawls

 This winter season, drape the luxurious, very warm pure merino wool shawls. These are Kashmiri hand-embroidered shawls. You can buy these shawls directly from here

To buy these, you can contact us on-

Below are all Hand-embroidered shwals.

Price- 14000/-

Black kashmiri hand-emboridered Shawl
Price - 14000/-

Hand-embroidered Kashmiri Shawl
Price -1700/-

Hand-embroidered Kashmiri Shawl
Price- 17000/-

Below all are Machine-embroidered
Price -7200

Machine Embroidered Kashmiri Hand-embroidered Shawls
Price - 7200/-

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