06 April, 2021

Orange and Beige Kani saree

Kani sarees are an all-time stunner. These are ultra carefully woven on a jacquard loom. They are woven with the same technique as interlocking twill tapestry. 

Kani is a traditional art of India, which only can be performed by a skilled artist who got this art from their ancestors. Some said that even Mughal empires have their heart set on these jewels. They are also appreciated by many politicians and celebrities. They are understated, rich, exclusive and classy. 

They are the most high quality and sophisticated sarees. Kani weaving is the vertex of Kashmiri weaving which is known for its rarefied weave.

Launching this Kani saree with unique colour palettes, opaquely patterned with paisleys. creepers, flowers, birds and elegant design. 

These are fine intricate and neatly done sarees. These are finely intricated and neatly done sarees. 

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