23 August, 2021

Silk Tangaliya saree with zari border

Silk Tangaliya saree with zari border. Fun Fact- there are only handful of tangaliya weavers in the country. Out of those tangaliya saree weavers can literally be counted on the finger tips. This is the reason you will never find bulk tangaliyas being sold in showrooms. These are unique, one of its kind of sarees. The dots that you see are woven into the saree and have 3D effect. This is the first silk saree we ever received with a zari border. Tangaliyas are our personal hot favourite.

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Our collection is timeless and limited. Once sold, we cannot replicate and restock the handloom products. Please do not ask for the price of sold saree. Once sold, it’s our policy not to discuss the price. It serves no purpose. 

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