10 October, 2008

Awesome Beverage

The promise was to dedicate this week to beauty products. But I had a quick trip to Srinagar. And I must dedicate this post to the most awesome hot beverage that I had there. And that is Kashmiri Kahwa.

I am a person who has never tasted tea or coffee in my life. So when this was offered, I outrightly refused. But my host told me that it is not regular tea. It contains kashmiri green tea, saffron, cardamoms, almonds, cinnamon stick (dalchini), cloves (laung), sugar or honey. I found it so refreshing and healthy, that I actually lost the count of number of cups that I drained.

It is served in a samawar which has burning coal in its centre, which keeps the kahwa piping hot. Confession: I have come back addicted to it.


  1. Are u kidding me chief? You finally tried tea? wowwwwww now before i go home...lets bond over a good cup of tea..haha.

  2. Pushpanjali this is different from our regular tea. But we are going out together for sure.

  3. U look AWESOME in that very pretty outfit!


    Can I hv some of it too? yummm! :)


  4. Thanks Keshi. And yes you are welcome to be my guest for this lovely beverage.