05 June, 2010

Lazy Weekend

I spent nice relaxing weekend doing what I enjoy doing the most- Shopping with my dear friend. She was on a shopping spree today and I was enjoying browsing through the stuff ( not that I came empty handed- that's not possible).
We went to DLF Promenade. My favorite store Forever 21 is coming soon. I can't wait for it to open. I hope their quality and prices are the same as US. Me and my friend were discussing why branded stuff (the original of course) is so expensive in India as compared to US or for that matter any other Asian country. Also we have so little options of doing things in Delhi. Either we can catch a movie or go and hang around in a mall (those too are now- seen it all, done it all) or worse, go out and eat (we have innumerable eating joints), go clubbing, pubbing, etc. Are there more options? Like going for hike, trek (forget the beaches ), adventure sports, etc. Me, being more enterprising one, goes for biking, dancing, yoga class, fitness class, etc. What other options are there? Spa- once in a while. That's about it I guess.
Another interesting thing we were discussing was how lingo changes in years. Few words which were a part of every one's vocabulary few years back, would be frowned/mocked if used today. e.g today if someone said, "I am going to Disco or Bar," its a big NO NO. Today it has to be called Lounge, pub, clubbing, dancing. How does a terminology change so much?

OK outfit for the day.

When I visit my sister in US, I barely take my own clothes (Just carry empty suitcase or few basic essentials. Because, I get to wear her fancy stuff -yes we share clothes and because I have to shop a lot from there). Here is one of her outfit.
Skirt: Armani
Top: Do not know
Shades: Escada

I liked her skirt a lot and she allowed me to get it copied. (As I said earlier, that in India customized tailoring is possible). So here is my copied skirt. (Please do not compare it with original Armani).

Outfit: Customized tailored
Flip Flops: Louis Vuitton
Bag: Coach
Necklace: Gift from a friend

Flip Flops: Louis Vuitton

Pearl Watch: Misaki (Gift from dad from his trip to Tokyo)


  1. The options are the same throughout the world ... It just depends on how people live their life! You far more active and enterprising than most Indian women :) ... Also stuff is more expensive in India 'coz of the taxes of course Govt. charges these companies. Also did you know Forever 21 was started by a Korean woman in LA from her home. Only happens in USA!

  2. Tanvi I did not know that Forever 21 was started by a Korean woman in LA from her home. Now that is called enterprising. Wow..

  3. Yes that's what I also feel in India - trekking, or more outdoorsy stuff options are fewer.
    BTW: that top is from Petite's - it's that peach skirt's top which I got for you very strategically:)
    Love your LV's