12 June, 2010


I am definitely biased for Sarees over suits. The suits (salwar kameez), that I have, can be counted on fingertips. But Sarees, I find them an irresistible buy. There is something very elegant about a saree. And I am not one of those people either, who would wear a Saree only on a formal occasion. I can wear a simple cotton Saree also with a lot of panache. There is some very poetic, aristocratic and dignified mystery about a Saree. But bling Sarees put me off. Like I mentioned in my earlier post here, I associate a Saree with a rich weave, textile, a unique, majestic state of art, thing. India has a rich heritage. Each state has its own traditional weave- Kanjeevarams, Paithanis, Uppadas, Banarasis, Jamawars, Chanderis, Maheshwaris, the list is endless. I like to collect these traditional weaves, instead of cheap georgettes, nets, crepes, embroidered with cheaper sequins, zari, dabka. It is like wearing 5 to 10 kg of non-sense, instead of being draped by soft, petal-like charm.

So here is my simple cotton (Kota) Saree look. These are most inexpensive yet regal looking Sarees.

Saree: Somewhere in Jaipur
Necklace: Gift
Location: Airport of Delhi

Saree: Jaipur
Necklace: Dilli Haat
Location: Taj- Lucknow


  1. hey! u look lovely in sarees too!!!
    love the first look. u look so fresh & radiant. I don't like over the top blingy ones but yeah i dont mind some bling..please do post your saree styles more often

  2. The second is very beautiful! Orange is great on you!

  3. Hi Kiran,
    i dropped by to thank you for visiting me. You have a lovely blog!! Love those Sarees.
    have a great day!!

  4. Kiran,
    oh dear, i though followed it on my first visit. definitely following it... enjoyed your blog so so so much! and nice to meet you!!

  5. You look so gorgeous in your saree. I bought a saree when I went to New Delhi a year ago and I have not found an occasion to wear it. I love the colors of your saree... the orange looks so good on you. xoxo

  6. hey Kiran, Great blog. I love sarees too. I am def gonna be back for more.
    Do visit me if u get a chance

  7. Hey Kiran, am back.
    This time to follow u
    Thanx for following me. Looking forward to ur new posts.

  8. you look great in all your saree!! I can't wait to be in India so i can go buck wild with sarees and all the outfits there. I am def. following you know!! Yes, do follow me hope you'll go through my blog!! checkout febuary posts!!