27 June, 2010

Traditional look

Yes this Saturday and Sunday both, I am working (sob sob- No off on weekend too). Today there was loads to finish on the work front, home front and attend a family function too. My day started as early as 5 AM. I did my own workout and went for a very enjoyable bike ride with a very sweet client. I definitely think she is sweet because she is so positive and chirpy. She rides a horse and does dressarge. One of these days, I do intend to take a lesson or two from her on riding. She tells me, it is a great workout.

Evening, I had to attend a family do (Hawan). I have mentioned earlier, how I dress differently with family, with friends, for going to Satsang in Art of Living, in my workplace, etc etc.

So this is what I wore today evening

Yes, this is more traditional side of me.

Jewellery: No prizes for guessing- Bought from my dad.

Pure Zari Kota Saree: Dastkar Exhibition ( It is the best place to buy beautiful weaves that fascinate me so much). 


  1. seems like a busy busy weekend for you..i love the jewelery that you are wearing in it..my Mom is a pearl lover and i can say that if she sees this she would go gaga over this..Lovely!!!


  2. So elegant! love the simple bindi and makeup... it really does let the saree and jewelery do the talking... the delhi crowd is not really like that imo... very few live by this rule... what do u think?

  3. Thanks Sovina. Credit for beautiful jewelery of course goes to my dad.
    Anks no one could have described it better than you did. I was subconsciously, exactly trying to do this and you have aptly put it in words. Bang on. Big thank you.

  4. looks like traditional women

    nice saree

  5. I love love love the jewelry.
    And u r looking very graceful and elegant in the saree.

  6. thanks knk

    Komal thank u darling. jewelery is thanks to dad.

  7. very nice pics shoot saree and jewellery.