06 August, 2010

My logo

Do you see my logo at the top on my header image? Let me share how I was inspired to have this particular logo. It was inspired from SCS Swarovski Collectors Society Annual Edition 2004 Anna Pavlova retired.

Anna Pavlova a Russian Ballet Dancer was 2004 Swarovski Collectors Society annual edition. Designed by Anton Hirzinger, Anna captures the flowing movement of a ballerina's energetic leap and brings to life the grace and elegance of ballet. This was the 3rd and final annual edition to complete the Magic of Dance trilogy from the Swarovski Collectors Society. (SCS)

"Dance moves us in mysterious ways. A channel for feelings, emotions and rhythms, its effects can be truly liberating. Ballet is a comparatively modern form of dance, its history going back to the 15th century, represents only a fragment of the history of dancing.

The fascination and aesthetic appeal of ballet lies in the harmony of body, spirit and soul. To this harmony designer Anton Hirzinger added a new crystal dimension – that of creativity of design and technical expertise. Purity and sensuality, strength and weightlessness, method and magic – opposites which apply to ballet and crystal alike. It was this fascination and aesthetic appeal that inspired Swarovski to create the spectacular Magic of Dance triology. After Isadora, who stands for the passion of Modern Dance, followed by Antonio, embodying the temperament of Flamenco. And now Anna, expressing the grace, elegance and enery of a ballerina.
Anna is a sparkling crystal figure created in homage to the graceful dance of ballet. Her fluid movement with arms spread elegantly upward and downward with both legs in the air portray the classic image of a ballerina. Anna expresses all the joy and grace of a typical ballet dancer, combining strength, technique and passion with elegance and femininity. Her pose, with arms and legs outspread and her head tilted gracefully to one side, conveys an impression of weightlessness – an effect accentuated by the flowing yellow sash around her waist. The combination of classic facets in the upper part of the body and the modern cuts employed in the skirt and sash contribute to the dynamism of the piece. The base is in the shape of a crystal arc, highlighting the vigor and lightness of the jump.
 The Swarovski logo together with the year and initials of the designer are on the piece.

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