05 November, 2010

In the rush of our daily lives, we forget that Divinity is within us

Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Rajkot (Gujarat, India), Nov. 3: There are many meanings of Dhantaras. In life, there should be all types of prosperity – usually money is associated with prosperity. Satisfaction is true wealth. The air, earth and time are also wealth. The right usage of time is very important. There is a wealth in knowledge. Its nectar should be in our consciousness. Whatever we have, whatever we can give, should be shared. We must practice charity. 

Today the priests performed a yagya with Vedic rituals. Prayer is an expression of showing your gratitude towards God. Eight years ago we performed a yagya here. Since then there has been no famine. Earlier there were parch lands everywhere, today there is greenery all over. We should thank Goddess Laxmi for bringing prosperity to Saurashtra.

Divine love is not somewhere far, it is with me right here. If we have this faith, then we can never feel separate from Divine love. I have come to tell you that you can never be far from God. If you understand this today then I will consider my work done.

Devi and Devtas are forms of God. Honor them and rest deep in your subtle Self.
Is there only one type of sweet, then how can God be of one kind? Yesterday 5,600 types of dishes were displayed. 35,000 children, who had never seen these many varieties of sweets, ate from the spread.
Two years ago an event called Brahma Naad was organized in Delhi where 1,200 sitarists performed.
People said it’s not possible. Yet to make the impossible possible is our work. In Pune, 2,700 vocalists came together. Then the Gujarat team came up with this idea of 
Annam Brahm.

All this is a part of Goddess Laxmi. There are eight kinds of wealth that come in everybody’s life.
We rekindled this spark of Goddess Laxmi in our consciousness.

Just know that whatever you want, you will get.
Lord Krishna said that leave all religions and come to Me, I will liberate you from all your sins.
But we do just the opposite. We keep clinging to religion and start our journey to save ourselves from our own sins.

In the rush of our daily lives, we forget that Divinity is within us.
Let us all take this 
sankalpa - Remembering again and again that the Divine music is within us, my family and I take this commitment that people all over the world should stay happy.

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