09 December, 2010

Guruji answers few questions

Q) Satsang is like a sweet. Sadhana is like medicine and seva is sweet & sour. Why is it this way?
Guruji: All of them must be there in the right balance else it becomes imbalanced :) Too much sweet is not good and the seva is important.

Q) Why do fanatics exist and think in that fashion?
Guruji: Because they have not understood the magnanimity of life and do not have a broad vision. In hinduism they've always sad to coexist and be in peace. Without spirituality - religion has no meaning. There is no point of it.

I have been in this ashram and with guruji for 3 days and i want to share with you all whatt i have learnt.
1) Guruji's love moves the world
2) One world - one family
3) Guruji is the expression of selfless service. He has no sunday - no weekends nothing. He is constantly working only to serve.
I think he is today the foremost spiritual leader in the world. he has touched millions of lives. 2011 to 2015 is going to see a great transition with mother earth and we all have to join hands and hearts and work in this period.

Then someone asked a question and guruji replied - meditation is the answer to all questions. So why don;t we all do a short meditation now. The children and babies can go out (and suddenly a small child said "noooooooooooooooo" - it was really funny :D :D :D)

then - that was that :) we had a meditation and off we left for home :D


Sri Sri : In Bhagavad Gita Krishna talks about all the good qualities & then he adds that they are already in you. Negative qualities have come because of company etc -You don't need to get positive qualities.Just like in an atom, the core is positive and the negativity is peripheral.
If you feel deep inside is sorrow or anger then yo
u can't get rid of it.