03 December, 2010

Vintage dress

The dress you see below belongs to my sister. My dad got it for her from UK when she was some 10 year old. Which means it is more than 20 year old. Justifies as Vintage. Right? 
But I wore it today to my shopping expedition to some designer stores. There, 4 people asked me in the designer shops as to where I had bought this from. I received so many compliments for this dress today.


  1. Boy whats amazing is that you can fit into the dress of a 10 yr old!! what a body!!

  2. wow kaya use keeya dress ko.Looking doll. apni anniversary ko 'u wore this dress to catch ur childhood memories.

  3. I absolutely love the first 2 images, they have a very vintage vibe about them and you look sultry yet innocent! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh Yes...It's amazing that you can fit into it.
    Also, did you alter it's 'ghera' was it always this asymmetrical - high in front, low in back?
    Love it