19 January, 2011

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Eliminating Karma

Strange are the ways of Karma. The more you understand it, the more amazed you become. It brings people together and separates them. It causes some to be weak and some to be strong. It makes some rich and some poor. All the struggle in the world, whatever it may be, is the bondage of Karma. It cuts across all logic and reasoning. This understanding will lift you from getting stuck to the events or personalities and help you in your Journey to the Self.

Question: So a thief can say it is my karma to steal?

Answer: Then the police have the karma to catch him too! (Laughter)

Only human life has the ability to be free from Karma. And only a few thousands aim to be free from it. Only through Grace can the bondage of Karma be burnt. Performing actions cannot eliminate Karma.

- Sri Sri

~ ~ ~

Guru of Joy!
Before eating anything, even if it was chocolate, guruji would 1st close his eyes, offer it to God and say Thank you. As a child his favorite words are “Close your eyes & keep a smile on your face “ They still are.

SUTRA: "You become a perfect instrument of the Divine, when you become hollow and empty." ~ Sri Sri...

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