03 January, 2011

{Knowledge Sheet} Subject: Another Wonder of Chemical Free Farming

Daily Sutra} Subject: Two birds
{Daily Sutra} Subject: Two birds
Keep on doing all your work, and while doing your work, know inside you that you are doing nothing. In the beginning, you sit for some time and experience that you are doing nothing. Then you will start experiencing that even you are doing but there is a field in you which is not doing anything. Ancient sages had beautifully explained this. There are two birds sitting on the same tree. One is eating and the other is only witnessing this. 

After the Ashtavakra session, a farmer from a village of Uttar Pradesh, India, came up with another wonder of chemical free farming. He took chemical free seeds from the ‘Art of Living’ seed bank. Initially, he was little apprehensive in using natural seeds and switching to chemical free farming, without making use of urea. But, he was happy and satisfied with the results obtained: Chemical free natural seed has generated 58 grains per wheat spike as compared to only 28 grains per spike in case of using chemically treated seeds.

Under the seed bank project, farmers take free seeds from the Ashram, and return double the amount of seeds next year, which are then distributed to other farmers.

Sri Sri later shared with everyone the harmful effects of using crops generated by chemical farming, which includes aches in different body parts and accumulation of toxins in the body. He continued to say that switching to chemical free farming is really important to keep the future generation disease free, and spreading awareness about this is also part of spirituality. 

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