14 March, 2011


As a kid, my teachers and friends always used to say that I resembled a Japanese. Don't know why but I did. The first time I was on school stage, I was dressed in a Kimono, like a Japanese, singing Sayonara, Sayonara.

I have learnt Japanese language- Nihongo. I have also learnt Shiatsu from my masters - Sensei there.

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mt.Fiji are beautiful places to visit.
My best travel experience has been to Japan. People are so hospitable, courteous, honest, hard working, punctual, that it is beyond any comparison. The dainty girls are the best dressed girls that I have ever seen.
A cousin of mine stays in Tokyo. When we first heard of the news about Tsunami, our first thoughts were for him. Thankfully, he is safe. 
But the pictures of devastation in Japan are painfully heart touching.
The whole world is praying for Japan. 


  1. Truly we must have been sisters in a past life... and I say that hopeing we were!!! Makes me feel better by association. Because I feel truly blessed to have 'met' someone like you Kiran.

    You are one the most awesome human being I am getting to know. Seriously one of a kind and simply, purely AWE inspiring.

    My hearts bleeds for Japan... just so heavy with grief.

  2. KIran,

    Thanks for sharing. Japan is a good example for the whole world. Recovering after WW2 and becoming the World's 3rd largest economy - hard work is their key.

    It is very sad time for the world.

  3. My heart goes out to all people of Japan. Innocents are killed because of nature's fury.
    Lovely photo.

  4. Praying that the Japanese people recover quickly from the many blows dealt to them.
    And thanks for introducing a pretty picture into the whole sad story about Japan. I've been planning a trip to Japan but I guess it must wait now for a while.
    YOu look really cute in a kimono.