29 April, 2011

Orissa Bomkai Sari

Today I wanted to practice my Odissi dance.
So I took out my Orissa cotton Sari, and practiced. The shots were taken after I had practiced and was extremely fatigued. Of course, I am not wearing all my traditional finery. But that is worn in stage performance not while practice.

Orissa Bomkai Saris feature thread work ornament borders and pallu. Some combine small touches of Ikat work as well. What I am wearing is a beautiful midnight blue color.

Bomkai has been woven in Orissa since centuries on very simple looms with ingeniously tied up patterning technology. These modern versions have a similar timeless aesthetic. Softest and most supple cotton you can wear right out of the box. These Orissa ikat sarees feature finely articulated ikat work, created by first dying the threads on a frame and then respooling and weaving the sari. 


  1. you never cease to amaze me would love to see a video of your oddisi dance

  2. OMg I love the sari!!! the color is beautiful!!1

  3. come back green monster results is up!

  4. @Kiran,

    I agree with Shuchita. Can you please write your next blog post.."Something that Kiran CANNOT do"

  5. Gorgeous sari! The colors are so beautiful. I agree with another commenter, I'd love to see a video of you dancing.

  6. Do you know Kuchipudi too?. , Great Kiran.
    I love that sari colur.