03 June, 2011

Mind your own Business

What do I do, that people learn to mind their own business.
An educated facebook friend sent me this message.

    •                        hey kiran....too many of ur posts come together....can u give a break...lol
  • Kiran Bajaj Sawhney
    Kiran Bajaj Sawhney if it bothers you, just click to unsubscribe.
    • But I guess I have the right to decide how many posts I put on my blog and when.
  • Bina Nangia

    • it doesn't bother me...but i thot there was a certain decorum to follow...right

So I am answering here on the blog. I think yes the decorum is certainly to be maintained and according to that decorum, I have the right to decide what I put on my blog, how many posts I put on my blog and when. I do not think anyone else in this whole God damn world has the right to tell me what to do with my blog. Tomorrow you will come and tell me- decorum is to be maintained so do not shop much. Or do not wear these clothes. Or shop only from this place, eat only this food, decorate your home only with this, send your children to so and so college. Why? Because a decorum is to be maintained. Decorum- my foot. 
Mind your own Business. You have any problem-unfriend me from your facebook list. Do not bring your decorums to me. You know where I will shove those decorums.

Fellow bloggers- I am actually keen to know- What is the decorum? Where is the book that states that bloggers can posts N number of posts per day? Beyond that it is against the decorum.


  1. @Kiran,

    Few questions:-

    1. Why do you have 'hidden' visitors as your FB friend? Haha :)))

    2. Serious question:- Is your friend talking about Facebook posts or Blog posts?

    3. For Facebook posts, I personally get annoyed if someone is posting too much BUT I DO NOT TELL HIM/HER..I just ignore the posts...there is button on FB. However I MUST say a female friends posts 10 posts an hour on FB and she is very popular...I ignore her though.

    4. For blog post, I do not think you expect others to comments on each and every post of yours. If you do not expect other to comment on every post, you are fine. Even if you expect and they comment - you are fine.

    So N=Infinity........

    Sorry too much analysis in the comment.

  2. Thank you very much,i take my pictures,in automatically mode ..

    As often you post,the better it is...we are not disturbed of too many posts per day,why would anyone be? Who does not like that,is free not to visit your blog.

  3. Me first..
    No decorum..if any problem to anyone, he can unsubscribe.

  4. I agree with you completely.
    If anyone has any problem he/she can unsubscribe.
    There is no decorum on number of posts. Its your biog - you can write as much or as little you feel like.

    If you ask me about decorum or anything like that - my rule is very simple - if I am not hurting anyone, anyway I can pretty much do anything with my own things.
    Rest I don't care. That's the only yardstick I use.

  5. @ A
    1. I do not have any hidden visitors on my fb. I respect people's privacy so I did not name the person on my blog.

    2. My blog posts get updated on MY wall on fb automatically through networking blogs. So she is talking about my blog posts on MY wall of MY fb.

    3. My blogs as I said earlier automatically show on MY fb wall. So to read them also, you have to reach my wall. They do not go on anyone else's wall. They may show on person's home updates of friends and can easily be ignored by clicking a button as you have said in your comment.

    4. So the person has the choice to block the posts, ignore them, unsubscribe them, unfriend a person, not visit the blog, but Decorum.....what decorum?

    5. Yes, I do not expect or force people to comment.

  6. there are hundred of ways to ignore peoples post.

    why bother your self educating people on what they should do... he/she for asking or even suggesting to such BS is so nonsense.

  7. I am back:)). I am visiting your blog first.
    I read your post . You have replied well " Mind your business" I just feel nobody has any right to say what we should or should not do.

  8. Seriously I don't really understand what does he/she mean by decorum. Like others commented, in FB people have several options to ignore certain friends post. I seriously think he/she is just jealous.

  9. Hi Kiran,
    To hell with these people I'd say.
    And your response is perfect.

  10. What you do in your posts or life for that matter, is your business..But in public domain when one posts ,especially exceptionally popular persons like you , such brickbats or critisism is part of life...Unfortunately one has no choice..you have to take in worthy critisisms & about bad ones , should one say ....Dust Bin is always there DELETE from mind !!


  11. You've given me a smile...it's true- I mean what is the 'decorum'- hey, this internet thing is all new unchartered waters and I think people just 'make up' rules- as you said, people can easily click the 'block' or 'ignore' button...or just don't pay attention....but I think you can post as many times as you want or don't want!!

  12. Exactly the post will fit as if it has been written for this purpose only.
    With top lines trimmed it'll be an apt ans :D

    And to the on who has messaged u
    He/she is a blockhead nothing else. May god give him/her some Facebook GK :D