29 July, 2011

How comfortable are you buying second hand clothes?

Reading many a fashion blogs, this question used to come to my mind often. Till the time, my comment section was on, I could not ask this topic. Just so that I did not offend anyone who buys second hand clothes.
Now, that this blog is totally my space and I do not even have to worry about comments, I can state my opinion.
Personally, I can happily share/exchange clothes with my sister and even mom. Beyond that, I can never buy second hand clothes. Definitely, not the ones that have been discarded by the other person.
My own closets are always overfull. Why should then someone else's surplus/stuff that a person is bored off/ worn often, make to my closet?
I know it sounds snooty. But so be it. I know the importance of recycling. But I would rather contribute to nature and environment in other ways, than buying used stuff. I would rather buy new $ 10 T shirt than buying $ 20 reused one. I would rather keep my own clothes well and in super good condition (which I do), and use them for years.
I do not even buy second hand cars. Second hand clothes, shoes, accessories are out of question.
Handed down from sister and mom are happily accepted. Nothing further.