20 July, 2011

Starting work.

Getting back to work, life suddenly looks like on roller coaster. Suddenly after such relaxing vacation, work backlog seems HUGE. Shoots lined up, fitness sessions are being fixed, a course for aspiring fitness trainers is about to roll, catching up with my Delhi friends, trying to streamline my export orders and a few more assignments. 

Two sectors, which were being well looked after, even in my absence, were Corporate trainings and complete personality grooming. Thanks to my panel of experts. These guys know their jobs well. 

But, I need more vacation. 

Here are my Simla pics. 

What I am wearing:
Dress: Desigual
Shoes: Clarks

In the play area for kids/activity centre in Cecil, Oberoi. That was a place where my 3 year old nephew enjoyed the most.

With my sister. Do not go back. Stay please.


  1. Your dress looks so colorful and cute! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Wish I was in Delhi to join your fitness classes.
    I know how sad you must be feeling that your sis is leaving..every year I go thru the same emotions, leaving my children and specially my 2 yr old grand daughter, Maya in the US....
    Cheer up and look forward to the next visit.

  3. Nice beautiful dress...
    Yes, it would be difficult for a few days...for me too good byes are very painful..but ya you get over it...

  4. Very nice dress! xxx

  5. More vacation, enjoy , relax...

  6. looking pretty...yea, we all need more vacations...

  7. Vacations are over for a lot of people. :)))

    Hey, neat and clean look of template is good.

    Why did you drop last name?