19 July, 2011

Trip to Simla

Every year when my sister visits us in India, we try to have a family vacation, somewhere within India.
It includes our parents, us sisters and our children. It is a great reunion time. This time it was Simla. We stayed at Cecil, Oberoi. My sister says, she is very impressed at how eco friendly Simla is - polythene bags and smoking are strictly prohibited. All the places we shopped handed out products in paper or cloth bags and they discouraged us from carrying any plastic bags too. 
At the Mall road, no vehicles are allowed. You are fined heavily if you litter on the road. Walking on the mall road is an amazing experience.

What I am wearing:
Dress: Borrowed from sister.
Digital print silk pashmina stole: 94, MM, Janpath, New Delhi, India
Bag: From Paris: Gift from husband


  1. sounds like an amazing place to visit!


  2. Simla is an enchanting place.

  3. welcome back darling..
    seems you had a great time with the family.
    Dress i cute one. I wish i would have a sister to share the things..LOL

  4. Nice to know that Simla is eco-friendly..wish they do that everywhere....and how nice to have a sister with whom you can share all the stuff.

  5. I've been dying to visit Simla for such a long time! It seems like such a wonderful place!


  6. May be a picture of Mall Road..

    Been to Simla a long time back but don't remember much. I don't think I liked it.

  7. wow...you went to Shimla,MY Shimla..excellent....
    Yes, roaming on The Mall, The Ridge, Lakkar bazaar is terrific experience..do what all did u see there....
    nice dress...

  8. Nice picture! (:

  9. I haven't seen Simla. Please post some pics.