28 August, 2011

Beat the blues

Weekend was spent with friends. Lots of dancing and chatting. 
Few pointers that came out from our chit chat

1. Love of own self is the greatest romance on earth.

2. One is answerable only to one's own moral conscience and nobody else.

3. Kuch to log kahenge. Logon ka kaam hai kehna. (People/society will say something or the other. It is their job to say. Do not be bothered by other's opinion. Do not be a football of other's opinion).

4. Kabhi kissi ko mukammil jahaan nahin milta. Kabhi zameen to kabhi aasman nahin milta. (Nobody gets a perfect world of happiness. Life is not a bed of roses).

5. When you bump into your X, let your X remain X. Do not make him/her your XYZ.

6. Does a single compliment make you happy and a bad comment make you unhappy. Do not let this happen. Be in control of your own happiness. If your happiness or sadness is controlled by external factors/people, it will be short lived. No one should have the power to upset you or make you happy. Nobody- howsoever close.