31 August, 2011

Attachment vs Detachment

Learn to be detached. Detachment brings stability. It is important. For every step ahead in life, one has to be detached with the one left behind. If the baby did not want to detach from its mother, it would not be born. If you do not detach from your everyday life, you would not be able to sleep and would have insomnia. After finishing one work, you have to detach yourself from it to be able to do the next work. If you are washing hands, you cannot continue to do that. You will have obsessive compulsive disorder then. You have to detach yourself from that job. Detaching does not mean lack of emotion or love for a person or activity. As a parent, you have to detach yourself even from children. This does not make you less attached to them. But to keep your own sanity, learn to detach. God chose to cut that umbilical cord from the very first moment. That was the first act of detachment while still being attached.
Body gets attached and brings us expectation and frustration. Soul gets detached and brings us inner joy.
Many people think that attachment is same as love and devotedness. They also mistake that detachment is being indifferent or neglect.
When you are detached and do not care about the fruits of your actions, the Supreme rewards you in His Supreme way.