26 September, 2011

My Tango Pics with some Tango terminology

Americana walk or the promenade (sweetheart walk). 

Walking by facing the same direction and stepping forward. This resembles a walk in the park by sweethearts  This walk can be initiated by salida Americana.

Off-axis move in which the woman leans forward and does forward or back cross or decorative figures with her legs. Volcadas can be done in open and close embrace. In case of closed embrace she is supported by the leader's torso. In open embrace the leader's arm provides support for the suspension

Stepping over the man foot in an elegant way. Depending on woman's preferences she can do variations such as lustrada; she can raise her leg high or keep it low.

Gancho (Hook)
One dancer hooks her or his leg around their partner's leg

Voleo adelante or the front Boleo

Sharp movement of the leg often interrupted or suspended. The woman's lifts her foot from the floor and it flies to the side and wraps around her standing leg in front of her knee; boleos can be high (alto) or low (bajo). This move is alternatively named boleo and voleo in Spanish.

Enganche or the leg wrap
One or both dancers wrap his or her leg around their partner's leg. This wrapping is often sustained or frozen for a moment in time. 


The women's adornment formed when she crosses and raises her leg in front of the other leg.