04 October, 2011

Navjot Kashyap- the fighter

Life is so strange. Teaches you many lessons. This time it took me by surprise/shock.
If you are regular on this blog for some time, you would remember (or you can go to older posts and check), when the comment section on my blog was open I used to regularly get comments from Navjot Kashyap. He himself has a blog here on this link. Navjot is 34 year, computer science graduate from Punjab Engineering College, has developed some very high tech software, which can help him become a billionaire one day. He is brilliant and very intelligent. These are some of his old pictures which he shared with me.

Then, I disabled the comments on my blog because I felt, I did not have time to visit multiple blogs and reciprocate. Quite a number of my loyal readers still visited the blog and we exchanged emails regularly.

One person who emailed and commented on each blog post, each picture, honestly, genuinely, whole heartedly was Navjot Kashyap. Emails from person like Navjot are more precious to me than 50 comments from various people who would just write- "nice post", "you look great", etc.

In fact, I used to look forward to his long emails full of compliments. 
Then on 1st Oct a sudden email came from him. It read, 
The truth is that I am deaf since 2002 and paraplegic since 2009 and can use just 1 hand a bit but still doing job. My conditon is gettng worse rapdly. hopefully u'l understand everything.
At first I was too shocked to believe it. I did believe it But did not want to believe it. How could a person who had been writing me such beautiful emails, genuine compliments, long messages be suffering like this.

I asked for his phone number and address and he gave it to me. I spoke to his brother, who told me about his condition. I decided, I had to go and see him.

So today on this auspicious day of Ashtami, when my fasts had finished, I went over to see him. Throughout, I was thinking, what would I say to him. How would I react seeing him.

It took me little effort but I found the address, rang the bell, the house help opened the door and led me to his room. He was lying on his bed and resting. He smiled. A authentic, childlike smile with complete honesty. He seemed glad to see a visitor/his blog friend. 
He had a book by his bedside, a laptop (he used it with 1 finger of his left hand), a newspaper. He had to bring these things very close to him and strained when he read. TV was also on.

He was bed ridden. I had to communicate by writing for him and to answer, he spoke. He looked weak, yet full of life, a simple demeanor, which sought veritable friendship. His house help served me laddoos, barfi, juice etc. He told them that I do not have any of them so asked them to get fruit for me. They readily got apple for me. But I enjoyed a laddoo today. So many days of fasting you see.

He looked at me intently and said that I looked taller, slimmer and fairer in real than in my blog pics. He also said that I was smiling fake. But I had to convince him that it was not fake. I was happy to see him.  I was, in a way sad about his condition. The doctors have given him no hope of recovering. 
I asked him if I could blog about him and take his picture. He agreed whole heartedly. When he saw his picture, he cutely remarked, "only my eye is not looking good".

What I felt was- Life is so uncertain. We take certain things for granted. Here is this person, who is struggling for his life. Yet he is full of life. He is not just happy himself but is spreading joy and happiness around. He is not engaged in self pity nor is he seeking it. He is a fighter. 
Because of him, I feel my blog is special. He told me that mine is the only blog he reads. If my blog has brought joy even to one person, it is so worth it. He has given one message to spread to everyone. 
You can email Navjot on his email id- navjot.kashyap@gmail.com
Send him your good wishes and blessings. Pray for his recovery.

When was the last I thought about how precious this life and health is. How blessed are we. What does a person feel, when he is bed ridden? He cannot hear, cannot move, has to seek help to make him sit or lower his bed, make him eat food.
What will I ever feel if I cannot dance, cannot workout, cannot socialize?