19 July, 2014

Feet of tango dancer

The two sesamoid bones at the base of the big toe [under the distal end of the first metatarsal] are designed to support the weight of the whole body between the two of them. 
Where exactly should be the weight of the follower?
The weight should be placed forward on the metatarsal i.e the ball of the foot. When walking backward, the follower should lead with her base of the toe, followed by the metatarsal. Then she should transfer the weight over the supporting leg by elongating the calf and bring the heel down. Do not be only on your toes all the time. The weight bearing leg is elongated and the free leg should be dangling freely from the hip. This applies to all steps- forward, side and back. By lifting the rib cage up, the follower is never hanging on the leader but stands on her own axis.
This is what my feet look like. I have shown then earlier here.
See under the metatarsal

The heels are soft.