08 July, 2014

The prettiest Bengali bride and the best bengali wedding

Yesterday night I came back from the wedding with a heavy heart and tears.
It  was the D day. The wedding of someone really close to my heart. I felt happy and sad. It is the feeling what a mother or a sister feels, when they see their daughter or sister married. I do not know if she is my daughter, my little sister or my friend. But for 5 years we have seen each other every alternate day. The only time we took off was either when I was on a holiday, out of Delhi, or when she was on a holiday. Apart from that, come what may, rain, shower, fever, etc, we have seen each other every alternate day. And now she will be gone for months. It suddenly feels lonely.
We have talked our hearts out, rolled down on floor laughing, shared silly jokes, confided secrets. I felt the same when my sister got married. I wish her world full of happiness but I know I will miss her terribly and will wait for her anxiously. She has been my lucky charm. I never started a new workout or equipment in the studio till she had used it first. I actually made others wait, so that she did the opening ceremony. Today morning, which was her time in the studio, I just sat there alone. I almost had the urge to call her and ask- Where are you? Why are you late?
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