04 August, 2014

Tarun Tahiliani review

I bought this Tarun Tahiliani dress from here. What I had liked, was its vibrant colors.
My review: The dress took ages to come. It took more than the promised time. It took almost 4 weeks and 2 reminder emails. 
It came neatly packed in Exclusively.in box (not Tarun Tahiliani, surprisingly).
The worst is the fit. It is not similar to what was promised or displayed in the website at all.
Overall, I was disappointed with it. I feel so cheated. In Hindi, there is a saying, "Unchi dookan, feeke pakwan". Translated in English it loosely means that the bigger brand or label has low quality. It so aptly applies to this. I have been shopping so much online. This one is the first flop purchase.

This is what is shown on website. As you can see, mine is very different.