09 August, 2014

When someone is avoiding you, the reason is that this person has been talking ill behind your back.

Have you been wondering about the reason why a particular person has been avoiding you? It is a human psychology. A person who has been bad mouthing you will automatically start evading you. Do not sweat. The best thing for you to do is steer clear of this person too.
Do not start finding faults in your own self, do not indulge in guilt or even self pity. Do not try to patch up and be sugar sweet. Just give a wide berth to this person who is so not worth it.
This often happens with your so called "true friends". Suddenly you feel the distance. You try to think of a reason. You cannot believe that they can malign you. You wonder why they are giving you a cold shoulder. The explanation is that they cannot face you and hence are fighting shy of you.
Remember life is not about people who remain true to your face. It is about people who remain true behind your back.