02 September, 2014

Caviar nail art

The name sounds so exotic- Caviar. Seems like something expensive. But I got this nail art kit from a local shop. It is made in China and it is quite reasonably priced. I got it for Rs.250/-
The nail art artists too use the same product.
It comes in packaging of 2 bottles and a funnel shaped thing to put the left over granules back in the bottle.

One bottle has a nail paint and the other has dry granules. You just have to apply nail paint. Then put the granules (so called caviar) in a tray that comes with the kit. Dab your wet nails on those and they stick to your nails. You can press with your fingers. I also put a top coat on it to be more sure.

It is super easy to apply and do your own nail art. Its drawback is that it takes ages to dry. It seems like forever. But I had applied it at night and slept after that. By morning, they were firm and rock solid.
It also takes forever to remove them. But there is a technique which can make it easy. 
Wrap each nail in cotton soaked with nail pain remover. Also cover them with aluminium foil. Keep it on for 5 minutes and now these will come out easily.
These come in various shades and are super pocket friendly. So go and experiment.