20 September, 2014

Review: Cell- Physique Vitamin C Serum by Dermawin

Here is a hidden gem that many a people are not aware about. Specially, because it is not advertised and marketed extensively or is not visible in the stores. It is a pure vitamin C cream. It really transforms your skin like a magic. It is skin lightning and anti aging cream and I have not used a better cream than this. 
For 50 ml, it costs Rs.850/-.
The Vitamin C in it supports Collagen synthesis and acts as cell protector.
Its major drawback is its packaging. None of the bottles I have used so far, has its pump functioning. It is a task to take out the cream if its pump is not functioning. I have to do it manually with a thin brush. That does not feel nice and clean.
The product itself is really high quality and effective. The packaging looks beautiful but is useless.
Also since, it is not easily available, it is another task to source it and stock it in bulk.