20 September, 2014

Review ColorBar Lipstick Flamingo Q33

I was on a lookout for a nice purple colored lipstick which I was not getting in Mac. So, I tried ColorBar. I also wanted to try the quality of ColorBar.
Trying in a shop on your hand/palm is altogether different experience from trying actually.
The lipstick comes nicely packaged in a sleek silver colored pack. That was impressive. The color also seemed OK. The smell, the creamy texture, all seemed to be meeting my expectation. 
My experience after bringing it back home and applying was different. The color seems too loud and garish. Not only that, it has no staying power. It bleeds and fades away to an awful color. It leaves a patchy stain behind which looks so cheap. I do not think I will try any more colors from this range nor I would recommend these.

Color after application. 

Color after it fades away (within an hour). If you reapply, it looks even worse.