06 September, 2014

Review Estee Lauder Adventurous perfume

I am quite unimpressed with Estee Lauder perfumes. Except for EL Knowing, Pleasures and Beautiful, I do not have any other favorites in my list. Estee Lauder could not come up with anything great after those lovely perfumes. Estee Lauder Adventurous is another ordinary perfume. It is good for everyday use. It has beautiful and rich fragrance but that is about it. It cannot make it to my favorite list. Everything about it is ordinary- the packaging, name, look, feel, fragrance. 
My recommendation- You may or may not give it a try. If you are in an experimental mood and want to try something new, you can give it a shot. But if you are looking for some classic, all time favorite, wow, kind of perfume, this definitely is not the one. It will not sweep you off your feet.