06 September, 2014

Review Mac Cosmo lipstick

If you ask 10 women, to name one favorite lipstick color, I think 6 would say Cosmo. The rest 4, would probably not be too aware of make up. If I was to choose one lip color, I cannot live without, that will be Mac Cosmo.
I had kept one in my bag one day and it was a super hot and sunny day. Needless to say, when I opened the lipstick, it broke. My heart also broke with it. I had to buy another one ASAP.
That is one drawback of all these lipsticks, I assume. If you are going out in a sunny weather, do not pack your lipstick with you in your bag. The lipstick will break and the company offers no replacement for it. What I like about the Mac policy is, that they offer 1 new lipstick for free if you return them any 6 used mac products empty packs. This way, they are environment friendly. They recycle their packaging.
Coming back to Mac Cosmo lipstick. It has a beautiful nude pink color. I think it will suit all skin shades. It gives you fresh look. Like all Mac lipsticks, it has great texture. It glides on your lips like butter. It stays long. So one should rather not carry one in a bag. It has subtle fragrance, which is very neutral. My recommendation- A must have, for very women.