09 September, 2014

Social media etiquettes

Social media is relatively a new concept. With social media, there are new norms and etiquette that people are unaware of. More than table manners, now these too need to be paid attention to. What are really code of conducts?

1. Spoiling the show. I had gone to watch Russell Peters show once. There was a celebrity sitting in the front row. She was known for her second marriage to a famed politician after her first husband had passed away. Russell Peters was engaging in a playful banter with her, teasing her about the big rock on her finger. It was amongst the audience of thousands of people. She tried to gain sympathy by referring to her late husband and had tears in her eyes. Russell Peters did not let her get away with it. He publicly rebuked her for spoiling his show.
Coming to online media- There are facebook invites, whatsapp group invites. Often you will see that the person who is not in good terms with you, wants to spoil your show, is the first one to decline the invite publicly. Your well wisher or your friend, would inbox you separately if he/she has a genuine reason to miss it. Sometimes, I click on "join" just to show solidarity with someone. So that the event is a success. So, the first etiquette is- Do not be a spoil sport. Do not deliberately try to spoil the show. One confirmation brings in many others. One decline brings the morale down- both for hosts and guests.

2. Befriending friend's friends- It is uncool to scan someone's friend lists and send them random friend requests. Just so that you can keep a tab on what is going on in their life.

3. Tagging people in pictures which are not theirs. If you want to draw someone's attention to a picture- your achievement, your trophy, etc, share it with them. Do not tag them in it.

4. Hitting at someone you know by putting your facebook status in a sly manner, clearly to vent out your anger and frustration. To publicly display what is going on in your private life. The world understands. Cool thing to vent it out, is write a sms, inbox a message, send an email or better still talk. Writing quotes on fb wall is vey uncool and undignified.

These days relationships are made and broken over facebook.
If you love someone, or are in a relationship, you announce it to the world- in a relationship
If you want to vent out your anger, you unfriend a person.
If you want to break off, you block someone.
If you want to be close- you like and comment on each post.

Social media is here to stay. It will grow more. It is the best tool for marketing and promotions. Use this tool wisely.