23 September, 2014

Why blogging is better than facebook or twitter

What makes blogging score over social media?

  • Blogs show your passion. Whereas social media generates revenues for the Big Daddys.. 
  • Every hit on your blog, gives you the revenue. Every hit on facebook, (even if it is your picture that you have shared or your status), gives revenue to its builder.
  • Blog is independent. You own it. Facebook and twitter is owned by someone else.
  • Your blog posts are permanent. You decide when you want to modify or delete them. They are like books. Written for all forever. Your content written on blog is search engine friendly.
  • Whatever you post on social media is not so much search engine friendly. The sites move it according to its commercial value. e.g a paid advertisement will show higher in your news feed and not your dear friend's post.
  • Social network sites have full control over what and how much you want to post. Whereas, you are the boss of your blog.
  • You can monetize your blog and earn lot of revenue from it. Whereas, big daddies of social media earn from what you put on facebook etc. A self hosted blog is even better. 
  • You earn from the advertisements placed on your blog. Facebook earns from advertisements placed on your page and news feed.
  • You choose the layout, template of your blog. You decorate it like your own home. You do not have that option with facebook etc.
  • You may click great pictures, edit them most beautifully and creatively but facebook would not share even a penny of revenue with you for those. Whereas, for the same pictures, you will earn from your blog.
  • Everything on your blog is permanent. It will be read  by generations to come. Whereas, on facebook and twitter, it is all temporary. 
  • Blog is built everyday. It rises up everyday. Your facebook and twitter feeds, disappear everyday.
  • The best- Do you know five year down the line, print media will be obsolete? Already it is on the verge of disappearing. What is emerging trend in the field of advertisement and promotions by big brands and companies is blog. 
  • So if you have something meaningful to say, some great pictures to showcase, something to portray to the world, get on to the bandwagon of blogging.