26 October, 2014

How to deal with migraines

Migraines affect 18% women and 6% men all over the world. There are many factors that cause migraines. The cause could be genetic or imbalance in neurovascular system in the brain. Some people experience migraines with weather changes. It could be because of excessive sun, difference in temperatures- indoors and outdoors, humid or dry climate, etc.
How to deal with migraine? 
Since mostly people have a fair idea what causes their migraine, keep a log of what causes your migraine, what time of the year, or day or climatic condition are the cause. You should know what triggers it. Explain to your doctor the factors that may cause it, what part of brain, the severity of pain, the treatments that you have tried and tested before. Anything that has helped or made it worse.
Get proper sleep. You should be relaxed and sleep for sufficient number of hours comfortably.
Eat well- Eat your regular meals. Have nutritious and balanced diet. Try to avoid junk food.
Exercise regularly- Right breathing, good cardiovascular workout helps. 
Do not stress or panic.
Drink lots of water.
Try alternative healing methods like acupuncture.
Have supplements like multivitamins, folic acid, protein, calcium etc.
Have good diet. Incorporate flaxseed, fish, magnesium rich foods, foods rich in vitamins, specially, B-2. Foods rich in magnesium are- apples, kale, bananas, garlic, apricots etc. Foods rich in vitamin B-2 are avocados, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, alfa alfa, lettuce, etc.

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