29 October, 2014

How to wake up looking fresh and radiating?

When you wake up in the morning, do you look fresh like a morning dew drop or do you look haggard, with your hair all over the place, dark circles under eyes, face oily, fingers swollen due to water retention, mouth with bad breath? Do you know, there are ways that will help you glow and wake up very fresh and beautiful? Here, we are not recommending that you sleep with makeup, jewels and sari on like in Hindi soaps. We are about to give you tips that will help you wake up and look mesmerizingly beautiful.

1. Before sleeping, remove all your makeup and jewels carefully. Make sure you have no traces of makeup. Apply a nice moisturizer not only on your face but hands, legs, feet and body. Also apply a dash of your favorite perfume. Apply nice overnight creams, serums or anti aging creams before dozing off.
2. Make sure to brush your teeth before going to bed. Use a waterpik or a floss. This will make sure that you do not have a bad breath when you wake up.
3. Sleep well. This means that get enough sleep. Do not sleep too late with your mobile next to you that you keep checking in between, at midnight. If you get proper sleep, you will not have dark circles when you wake up.
4. Keep cold ice bag on your eyes or slices of cucumber on your eyes for 10 minutes before you retire.
5. Draw your heavy curtains before you sleep. Try not to watch TV before sleeping. Rather listen to soothing and relaxing music.
6. Sleep on nice silk bed sheets. Invest in beautiful soft laces, satin and silks to sleep on. Feel like a princess in your bedroom. Sleeping on rough bed sheets, can irritate your skin and can give you rashes and wrinkles.
7. It is a good practice to remove the bed covers which are put during the day and sleep on clean and soft bed sheets.
8. The bed sheets and pillow covers should not only be beautiful but clean and hygienic. They should be changed often.
9. Make sure your bed, mattress, sheets and pillows are very comfortable.
10. Different people have different habits of sleeping. Some prefer to sleep on their back, some on their stomach and some lie on their side. Sleep in a position that gives you maximum comfort. There is no hard and fast rule about position of sleeping.

Try these tips and wake up glowing fresh.

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