01 October, 2014

What is better? Low carb diet or low fat diet.

Every day we hear about new diets. Some nutritionists propagate low fat diet while other say low carb diet. Some find fat the culprit for weight gain, while others feel that it is the carbs. What is the truth behind all this?
There is a rise in heart diseases and also cholesterol levels. Some people feel that reducing fat intake will make them lose weight. In their endeavor towards weight loss, they completely cut all fats from their diet. Sometimes completely switching to low fat butter, and reducing all fat from your diet, still does not make you healthy. Now we also know about the importance of good fats. Fats from olive oil or nuts are good for the body and are better than full cream and butter. Not all fats are bad. What we need to cut down is the processed foods and trans fats.
Atkins diet promoted low carb diet. It told that carbs like grains, rice, breads, wheat etc were the culprits for weight gain and if we reduced those, there was weight loss. Everyone started eating high proteins- lots of meat and fish. This had its own disadvantages. Excess meat was also not good for the body. Good proteins are lean meats- like breast of chicken, fish or nuts, quinoa, etc.
The fact is that the proteins are required for repair and growth. Certain fats are also essential. The right percentage of fat is required by the body. Excess carbohydrates, however are stored as fat. Sugars and processed foods are the main culprits for weight gain.
With low carb diet, one may lose more weight as compared to low fat diet. For long term weight loss, we certainly have to cut down on sugar, excess carbs, trans fat and processed food.