05 November, 2014

10 Ways to improve Alexa ranking of your blog/website

We all desire to be at the top and have sites which are most popular. What is the measure for being most popular? The most credible measure is Alexa ranking. In Janaury 2014 there were around 861,379,000 registered host names. The websites double every year. Imagine the cut throat competition. It is like school class- who would come first- who would top. Which means, the lower your alexa rank, the better your website health is. Alexa is monitored by Amazon.
The ranking of the website is dependent on how much traffic or daily visitors is the website getting. The ranking becomes better if the visitor passing through your website also has an alexa toolbar.
The following tips help to increase the alexa ranking

1. Better SEO means more traffic. If your site is visible in search engines on required keywords, it attracts more traffic.

2. Get good backlinks for your website.

3. Invest in google adwords.

4. Install Alexa toolbar.

5. Put Alexa widget.  It will also show you your website's Alexa rank.

6. Claim/ verify your website on Alexa.

7. Importance of good and original content can never be undermined. It goes a long way in improving your alexa rank.

8. Connect to social media. 

9. Do submit your site in directories like Dmoz and Yahoo.

10 Submit your blog in blog directories like technorati, etc.

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