17 November, 2014

Coffee mugs that describe you

There are so many coffee mugs to choose from. Each one is so distinct and also describes the owner's personality.  Here we are not referring to coffee cup reading. We are referring to simple coffee mugs that you choose lovingly or get as gift or gift to your loved one very thoughtfully.

These coffee mugs are dedicated to my friends who love music, play piano or guitar or some other musical instrument.

Are you a photographer or fond of photography?

Here are coffee mugs from my personal collection- Some from my travels, some dedicated to Tango, some have our pictures on it or my name on it.

This one has Tango picture on it and is straight from Buenos Aires.

Mate cup

These belong to my husband who loves their pattern and colors.

With my name on it and our family pictures.

From travels to Hawaii and Ibiza.

Simple one from Starbucks.

Super simple ones.

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