15 November, 2014

Emotions and expressions

There are common things that people do but do not understand themselves. They express emotions in an opposite way from what they feel.
You often see someone bursting into tears, when they are very happy- e.g reuniting with a partner after a log gap, birth of a baby.
People start laughing when they are nervous or facing too difficult situation. They smile when they are sad.
Different people express different emotions in varied manner. Few control and hide their emotions and to cover it up, they do opposite of what they actually feel. This is just to restore the psychological and emotional equilibrium. That is the reason, we have "tears of joy" "laughter of sadness".
When we are overwhelmed with emotions, our reactions are no more in our control.
That is why, sometimes it helps to go with the flow. Let your emotions take over and express themselves the way they want to naturally.

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