28 November, 2014

Jobs with Kiran Sawhney

Welcome to Kiran Sawhney's blog.

This blog is about fashion, fitness, food, beauty, movies, celebrities, humor, lifestyle, travel and a lot more.
We would love to have a contribution from you.
Here is some important pointers that you should know.

Send us your complete details:
A scanned copy/image of your photo ID proof and your contact details.
Your bank details/ paypal account (for non Indian residents). The details should be yours and not your family member or friend's.


We pay Rs. 200 per article that we publish.
For non resident Indians, the payment will be through Paypal. For Indian residents, we do bank transfer or cheque payment in your name.

Payment to writer will be made at the end of the month. At the end of the month, the writer should send us:
Their article name with the link which is published.
Total payment due.
Paypal ID/ Bank details

Account Holder’s Name:
Account Number:
IFSC Code:

Article Copyright, Terms and Conditions
We would be holding the copyright of the article and the images that you sell to us so you are bound not to reproduce or re-sell the article in any form either online or offline. Please do not send us copied articles from the net. Also, we would terminate this contract if you are writing for a competitor blog. If you are already a blogger, we recommend that you write guest post for us.
The following would lead to immediate termination from our blog:
  • Submitting pictures taken from phone, or submitting us blurry, unclear pictures. We need sharp, clear pictures taken from camera. Send us a single photo taken from a phone and we would remove you from Kiran Sawhney.
  • Submitting us content/ images copied from the net.
  • Writing on other beauty or fashion blog. Please read our blog guidelines.
  • Submitting us articles with grammatical errors, sms language, or bad editing.
  • Behaving rudely or arrogantly with any member of the Kiran Sawhney team.
  • Telling us that your payment has not been made when it has been made. Payment is a serious issue with us and we make payment to our writers on a regular basis. Whenever a writer accuses us that the payment has not been made we check our accounts. If we see that the payment has been made, then either the writer is lying or she hasn’t bothered to check her account. We don’t want to work with these people.

Article Format
Each article should have at least 600 words and at least 3 images. Please avoid writing your article in SMS language (u, ur, lemme, dis, dat, etc.). 
Also, please ensure that the topics are not common with the ones already been written on the website. Use the ‘search’ option on the right hand side of the blog to determine if a topic has already been covered. You can write as per your convenience, even an article per day. 

Some Important Points

    • Please send your articles only at this email ID- kiran.sawhney@gmail.com along with your bank account/ paypal details.
Do let us know if this sounds good to you. If the terms are acceptable to you send us your article in an MSword file as soon as possible. If we approve the article we shall upload it and transfer the payment within a week. 
 Any payment discrepancy which occurred more than 90 days ago would be considered null and void by us.

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